Nar-Meditech inc. is a global Healthcare Technology solutions company. We provide solutions for diagnostics and mobility medical equipment to developing nations. Our goal is to help them be able to provide quality healthcare services at affordable prices to their people. We provide the following medical devices and services.
  • Biomedical Diagnostics Equipment and Accessories
  • Biomedical Imaging Equipment and Accessories
  • Mobility Aids and Accessories
  • Training of Biomedical Technicians to Install, Repair, and Maintain Devices at Local Facilities
We market our products to Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities, physician's offices, and hospitals. Our strategy is to use feedback from public health centers, physicians, patients, hospitals, and local healthcare suppliers to determine acceptance and user needs for the devices we provide.

Nar-Meditech inc. is dedicated in meeting and exceeding all quality standards and remains committed to the physicians, hospitals, and patients it serves.